Every Little Innovation And Creation Counts!

What is MakerFest?

MakerFest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire hosted across America, Europe, Africa and Japan. Maker Faire, which launched in California in 2006, now hosts hundreds of thousands of attendees. It is the amalgamation of festivals celebrating the innovators and an art show with booths for inventors, demonstrations, and workshops for attendees.

Stretching from every corner of India, MakerFest is about developing a great maker community where people can learn and share about making. Creators, artists and hobbyists across the country are invited to present their contemporary applications of ideas using the vast ocean of art, science and technology. It is brought to the city by Silicon Valley-based Venture Capitalist and founder of the Motwani Jadeja Foundation - Ms. Asha Jadeja along with Yuvalay E-Lab and Technology Faculty, M.S. University of Baroda.

When is it?

2nd and 3rd March 2019

Where is it?

Faculty of Technology & Engineering,
M S University, Near Kalabhavan,
Vadodara, Gujarat

Who is a Maker ?

Anyone who has created something, anything of value is a Maker. Period. The creation could be from any field such as technological innovation, fine arts, performing arts, fabrication, carpentry, sculpture making, artistic installations, automation and many more.

The one who out of interest, passion and committed effort brings something to life either for an innovative solution to a problem or just an elegant artistic creation. ‘Making’ that provides a better solution as an awesome evolution, is all that matters. That’s why the one who makes it has a lot to talk about the hard work during the process and successful output out of intellectual rigour.

In fact, makers are everywhere. They can be Tech enthusiasts, craftsmen, educators, tinkerers, artisans, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists or students.

What does it cost to attend the makerfest?

Makerfest Vadodara is free for the public to attend, a small registration is to be done via google form so as to generate your ID for the Fest.

Why should one attend the fest?

  • It will enlighten you with the latest technology in today's world.
  • Meet the makers from your domain and get a chance to expand your network, gain knowledge from various projects designed and developed by makers.
Who can register as a Maker ?

Anyone who has made something, anything of value with creativity and efforts for any kind of contribution in any field or domain:

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Social Innovators
  • Expert Curators
  • Housewives
  • Farmers
  • Scientists
  • Artists - musicians, painters, sculptors
  • Young enthusiasts
  • Or anyone else, for that matter, who wishes to show their unique to the world
What's in it for Makers ?

The MakerFest provides a platform to bring all the creations of ‘makers’ out from their homes to the light.

What's in it for a maker?
  • An opportunity to showcase their creation and exhibit the prototypes at designated stalls/spaces.
  • A grand opportunity to win the coveted Best Maker Award
  • A chance to meet the visiting mentors and get connected for a longer association
  • A space to interact with potential investors
  • An opportunity to get connected with like minded people during the 2 days of Maker Fest Event
  • Get the best exposure in the environment of sharing and learning
  • Get a third eye to your creation from visiting experts (review and suggestion)
  • Individual stalls and spaces provided for free at the venue
  • A participation certificate as a Maker
  • MakerFest Goodies (event batch, t shirts, etc...)

The Mission

Creating powerful little communities that gather around activities like Makerfest where we can rethink.

Learning and Livelihood

It is well known that traditional models of learning do not work well. We know that kids learn best when they are in a small peer group and have access to the same information – like through Google. (See data from “hole in the wall experiments” and “school in the cloud”). Maybe we don’t need formal teaching and buildings. Maybe all we need is facilitators and ad-hoc meeting places for these peer groups. Co-working and co-learning spaces are the fastest growing activity everywhere in the world. Why are we spending so much on new schools and colleges based on a traditional model? What would future alternative models look like? Will they crop up organically based on livelihood needs rather than political or economic mandates? We want to discuss, debate and explore these questions deeply. MakerFest is one activity that can enable such dialogue and action. We are thrilled by the results already. MakerFest seems to be taking off in various cities in India and abroad without much help from us. Our dream is that young makers everywhere will get inspired by what we do and create their own little maker events/hubs in their own communities.



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