Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire. Launched in California in 2006, now there are over 200 Maker Faires around the world with hundreds of thousands of people attending. It is a showcase of invention and creativity that brings together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists,students and commercial exhibitors. Makers come to show their creations. Attendees come to glimpse the future and to learn to become makers themselves.
Maker Fest Vadodara , an annual event since 2019, has developed a great regional maker community. More than 230 creators, artists and hobbyists across India have been provided a platform to present their creations, share their stories, journey, and inventions with visitors, mentors and incubation centers. Diversity is always given a preference during the fest and hence the event has seen participation from varied backgrounds such as technology, education, health, environment, pure sciences, food technology, rural artisans, agriculture, arts, renewable energy, etc. Various Workshops have always been a part of the Fest. Many eminent personalities including Prof. Anil Gupta Dr. Karan Jani, Asha Jadeja, Parag Amin, Prof. Manish Jain have addressed the gathering. 28,000+ visitors have witnessed the future and have been inspired.
Maker Fest Vadodara presents a networking opportunity with like-minded maker community, receive guidance from mentors who can guide on the way forward. Makers have also won prizes worth INR 5.6 lakhs till date.

About Maker Fest Vadodara 2023

Hosting the 5th edition of an event as large as this is an important milestone for us and we are organizing the event at a grand scale.
The previous year has seen a comeback to physical spaces from virtual and has seen an exponential increase in the Unicorns of India. Apropos, innovation in all spheres has taken off and the expectation is many unique ideas (across products, services and new business models) would have matured till the prototype stage.
We will bring together a large canvas of Makers from disciplines such as technology (hardware & software), education, environment, physiotherapy, pure sciences, pharmacy, agriculture, art and others. We shall carry forward this grand celebration of makers-creators-innovators with a vibrant and festive environment and an uninterrupted flow of visitors. There will be workshops by experts and talks by eminent speakers.
More than 50 worthy teams will be chosen after a rigorous process by a team of domain experts. We provide a free stall, food, a kit and participation certificates to all Makers and prizes worth ₹ 2 Lakhs are to be won by the winners of 2023 in multiple categories.
Makers will get the opportunity to interact with invited mentors, industry experts and incubation centers, get product/idea validation of their creations and stay connected with them for a longer association. Makers also will get to pitch their ideas and present their concept or product on stage.

Maker Fest 2019-2022 Highlights

800 +


230 +

Maker Teams


Prize Winner

5.6 Lakhs+

Prize amount

28000 +



Frequently Asked Questions

A maker-creator-innovator - any individual or group that has created something useful and original/new, be it small or big, anything of value is a Maker. One can be a school or college student, tech enthusiast, professional, hobbyist, social innovator, housewife, farmer, scientist or an artist - in a nutshell, any individual of any age with any kind of background.
  • Being a part of this vibrant event to showcase your creation and exhibit prototypes.
  • Selected makers get individual participation certificates.
  • Win prizes worth over 1.5 Lakhs, in multiple categories and the coveted Best Maker Award.
  • Mentoring - interact with the visiting mentors and get connected for a longer association.
  • Network with other makers.
  • Opportunity to interact with potential investors.
  • Pitching ideas - present your concept or product on stage.
  • Product/idea validation of your creation from visitors and experts.
  • Get the best exposure in this environment of sharing and learning.
  • A stall to showcase your creation to each team and a kit and food to each Maker.
Maker Fest Vadodara has always been an open-to-all event for everyone and there is no entry fee to both visitors and Makers. Visitors get to know the different innovations in different fields.
Makers once selected will be allotted a Stall along with other facilities and is free of cost.
Broad bifurcations across categories will be made and separate winners for each would be announced.


Prince Panchal

“ In Maker Fest Vadodara 2020 I showcased working models of Remote Controlled aircrafts F22 fighter jet, C-47 Airbus, Eagle & Quadcopter.
Throughout the 2 days I felt as if I was the highlight of the whole event because of the enthusiasm of the crowd to experience my models and their sound! I was also provided a good space to display the working models comfortably.
Subsequently almost all the visitors have visited & supported my YouTube channel as well.
The organizers and volunteers were very nice and cooperative. It was an amazing experience to participate in this event. ”

Malvi Golwala

“ Maker Fest Vadodara was a huge push for my artwork as I got to reach thousands of visitors to share what I do and how I do it. I was very satisfied with the footfalls. It was quite encouraging to see all visitors sincerely understood the art and appreciate how effortful custom-art can be. I also received a lot of enquiries during & after the Fest & it has accelerated my brand-building. It has gone a long way in motivating myself to keep creating wonders even now.

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity Yuvalay & VIC has provided to creators like me. It is fascinating to witness so much novelty on one ground. ”