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Maker Fest

Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire. Launched in California in 2006, over 200 Maker Faires are now hosted around the world with hundreds of thousands of people attending. It is a showcase of invention and creativity that gathers together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists, students and commercial exhibitors. Makers come to show their creations. Attendees come to glimpse the future… and to learn to become makers themselves.

Maker Fest Vadodara is a platform that is about developing a great regional maker community where creators, artists and hobbyists across the region are invited to present their creations from genres such as technology, agriculture, environment, applied sciences, food technology, rural artisans, education, arts, health, renewable energy and plastic replacement options which has been a key focus across the country in recent times.

Maker Fest provides a networking opportunity with like-minded maker community, receive guidance from mentors and get your idea or product validated by visitors.

Maker Fest Vadodara 2019 highlights




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The two days were an electric affair where over 7000 people from all walks of life came from far and wide to experience fascinating projects in action and be inspired from a vibrant gathering of like-minded and progressive individuals.

Excitement was in the air – on one hand you could see a tractor run through the field, and suddenly a fusion-energy cycle would whizz past you! You’d look up to see drones hovering over the field demonstrating its unique capabilities. The next moment, a glider invented by a farmer would chug to life and before you could expect it to take off, you would have rushed off to get yourself framed (photographed, we mean!) as part of a huge photo-collage in the middle of the field – all of this in the middle of an incessant hustle-bustle of overflowing visitors! The who’s who of arts, industry and academics were spotted now and then.

Later in the evening, makers from the performing arts field gave voice to original compositions of music and an engaging drama named Swachata ni Bhavai. It was a spectacle to behold – no less than a theater concert and a music festival put together.

The close was no less thrilling than a suspense movie where Makers waited with bated breath to discover those 11 teams who had earned the jury’s admiration.

It truly was a grand celebration of makers-creators-innovators.


Who is a Maker?

A maker-creator-innovator - any individual or group that has created something useful and original/new, be it small or big, anything of value is a Maker. One can be a school or college student, tech enthusiast, professional, hobbyist, social innovator, housewife, farmer, scientist or an artist - in a nutshell, any individual of any age with any kind of background.

What’s in it for Makers?
• Being a part of this vibrant event to showcase your creation and exhibit prototypes.
• Selected makers get individual stall and food for free.
• Win prizes in multiple categories and the coveted Best Maker Award. There are sizeable amounts associated with the prizes.
• Mentoring - interact with the visiting mentors and get connected for a longer association.
• Network with other makers.
• Opportunity to interact with potential investors.
• Special workshop for makers – to help you think on how to make your creation viable.
• Pitching ideas - present your concept or product on stage.
• Product/idea validation of your creation from visitors and experts.
• Get the best exposure in this environment of sharing and learning.
• Participation certificate as a Maker.
• Takeaways - a useful Maker Fest Vadodara Kit.
Why should one visit Maker Fest Vadodara 2020 and what does it cost?
This is a rare opportunity to see and gain knowledge from creations at one place and get updated with the latest developments cutting across disciplines.
Maker Fest Vadodara is free for the public to visit.

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