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26th and 27th February 2022 (tentative)

Faculty of Technology & Engineering,
M.S University, Near Kalabhavan,
Vadodara, Gujarat

Maker Registration
Last Date of Registration 31st January 2022


Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire. Launched in California in 2006, now there are over 200 Maker Faires around the world with hundreds of thousands of people attending. It is a showcase of invention and creativity that brings together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists, students and commercial exhibitors. Makers come to show their creations. Attendees come to glimpse the future and to learn to become makers themselves.

Maker Fest Vadodara, an annual event since 2019, has developed a great regional maker community. More than 150 creators, artists and hobbyists across India have been provided a platform to present their creations, share their stories, journey, and inventions with visitors, mentors and incubation centers. Diversity is always given a preference during the fest and hence the event has seen participation from varied backgrounds such as technology, education, health, environment, pure sciences, food technology, rural artisans, agriculture, arts, renewable energy, etc. Various Workshops have always been a part of the Fest. Many eminent personalities including Prof. Anil Gupta Dr. Karan Jani, Asha Jadeja, Parag Amin, Prof. Manish Jain have addressed the gathering. 20,000+ visitors have witnessed the future and have been inspired.

Maker Fest Vadodara presents a networking opportunity with like-minded maker community, receive guidance from mentors who can guide on the way forward and get the idea or product validated by visitors. Makers have also won prizes worth INR 4 lacs till date.

About Maker Fest Vadodara 2022

This year as we come back to a new normal – we are bringing together a large canvas of Makers from disciplines such as technology (hardware & software), education, environment, physiotherapy, pure sciences, pharmacy, agriculture, art and others. We shall carry forward this grand celebration of makers-creators-innovators with a vibrant and festive environment and an uninterrupted flow of visitors. There will be workshops by experts and talks by eminent speakers.
The event will be held on 26th and 27th February 2022.

The pandemic has brought out a lot of innovations in the world and expectations from our Makers are high. More than 50 worthy teams will be chosen after a rigorous process by a team of domain experts. We provide a free stall, food, a kit and participation certificates to all Makers and prizes worth ₹ 1.5+ Lakhs are to be won by the winners in multiple categories.

Makers also get the opportunity to interact with invited mentors and incubation centers, get product/idea validation of the creations and stay connected with them for a longer association. Makers also get to pitch their ideas and present their concept or product on stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A maker-creator-innovator - any individual or group that has created something useful and original/new, be it small or big, anything of value is a Maker. One can be a school or college student, tech enthusiast, professional, hobbyist, social innovator, housewife, farmer, scientist or an artist - in a nutshell, any individual of any age with any kind of background.

    • Being a part of this vibrant event to showcase your creation and exhibit prototypes.
    • Selected makers get individual participation certificates.
    • Win prizes worth over 1.5 Lakhs, in multiple categories and the coveted Best Maker Award.
    • Mentoring - interact with the visiting mentors and get connected for a longer association.
    • Network with other makers.
    • Opportunity to interact with potential investors.
    • Pitching ideas - present your concept or product on stage.
    • Product/idea validation of your creation from visitors and experts.
    • Get the best exposure in this environment of sharing and learning.
    • A stall to showcase your creation to each team and a kit and food to each Maker.
  • Maker Fest Vadodara has always been an open-to-all event for everyone and there is no entry fee to both visitors and Makers. Visitors get to know the different innovations in different fields.

  • Makers once selected will be allotted a Stall along with other facilities and is free of cost.

  • Broad bifurcations across categories will be made and separate winners for each would be announced.

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About Us

Maker Fest Vadodara is organized by Yuvalay Electronics Lab (an initiative of Yuvalay Charitable Trust), and Vadodara Innovation Council.


Provide a platform to nourish grass root innovation and bring to light those who are creating something new and useful that solves real-world problems, thereby enabling an environment where people develop the capacity to generate their own livelihood and be self-employed in this era of start-ups and individual endeavours.

Through sustained efforts we wish to help foster a culture of innovation and contribute towards our dream of building a better and advanced nation.

Asha Jadeja – the lady who started Maker Fest in India.

“Our vision is to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship in India at the grassroots level. I’ve attended the California Maker Faire with my children for many years so I’ve seen the impact it can have. Maker Faires are filled with people like you and me who are just making things at home and when they get the chance to share their projects and find collaborators, great new products and companies emerge. We hope this will be the first of many events, and that Maker Fest will spread across India to showcase makers, tinkerers, and do-ers of every stripe.”
– Asha Jadeja

About the Organizer

Yuvalay E-Lab, an initiative of Yuvalay Charitable Trust, aims to provide people with a platform to convert their ideas into reality. At Yuvalay E-Lab we believe in community-based knowledge sharing where people with knowledge in different areas learn from each other. Anyone can come here and work on a DIY project, learn how things work, or create something entirely new! To facilitate this, the lab has been equipped with various tools and equipment and organize regular technical workshops. Additionally, the lab also offers community support. These community members constitute people from all walks of life, including students, experts, professionals, mentors, and belong to various backgrounds like science, music, engineering, and arts. Apart from this, workshops, expert talks, and meetups are also organized at the lab.

Yuvalay Charitable Trust also runs the “Individual Development Centre” with an aim to transform the youth to be winners in their personal as well as professional lives. It helps the youth to be equipped with the skills required for developing their overall personality through the medium of Trainings, Workshops, One on One Counselling, and Industrial Visits.

Vadodara Innovation Council – VIC, is a section 8 registered not-for-profit organisation established in 2011, with an aim to make citizens innovative and innovations friendly.

To fulfil this basic objective, VIC is collaboratively working with organisations like Yuvalay, DDKF, UGF, FGI, VCCI, Schools, Colleges and all Innovation related activities.

VIC has initiated below programs for School-College students & for innovators, start-ups & entrepreneurs.

  • Socho Hatke – a 2-hours program to arouse curiosity and develop questioning attitude.
  • InnoTalk – a monthly seminar for general public to inspire to become innovators.
  • Tod-Fod-Jod – a year long program for school students to inculcate innovative mindset through hands-on exposure to day-to-day life gadgets.
  • InnoQuest-curiosity, where one can join to satisfy their thirst for curiosity, collaborate with others and become more innovative.
  • InnoQuest-Digital, where students can explore, understand, appreciate and make use of digital technologies and the infrastructure to innovate for the future.

Maker Fest Magazine

Maker Fest Vadodara Magazine

Maker Fest Vadodara 2020 – A culmination of Innovation, Science and Art housed 70 Makers from varied backgrounds such as technology, agriculture, environment, applied sciences, food technology, rural artisans, education, arts, health, renewable energy, etc. attracting an overall footfall of over 10,000!

However, if you were not able to attend the fest in person for some reason, or just want to re-live the experience, we have created a magazine that covers details about most of the exhibitions, and sessions! Download it right away from the link below to experience the Maker Fest 2020 journey!

Download Maker Fest Vadodara Magazine


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